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  • The Pizza Diet

    Lidi Pizza on Daniel Island

    It’s been a while! But I’m back for a very important reason…I want to share the good word on my new fitness journey. You’ve seen the meme’s, “Yea I’m into Fitness…FITNESS WHOLE PIZZA IN MY MOUTH”. I’d like to introduce you to THE PIZZA DIET Listen to the podcast for the full story, but basically […]

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  • I Love This Buzz At Sol Downtown-National Tequila Day


    How do you get people to share some of their most ridiculous…dangerous…and sometimes embarassing stories? ADD TEQUILA! Yesterday was National Tequila Day and I brought the mic along while celebrating at Sol Southwest Kitchen Downtown. During a very high end tasting of our favorite agave treat with Tequila Maria, Johnny & Taneka (the Cocktail Bandits) […]