The Bachelorette

Last night The Bachelorette premiered. Ali is back but this time she’s the one handing out the roses. Here’s a few of my favorite moments: Right off the bat, Ali told Host Chris Harrison that in 5 years she wanted to be pregnant. After an awkward silence followed by a burst of laughter, Alysa (my […]

MUST HAVE FOR SUMMER 2010-Scales Cocktail Mixers

Summer is right around the corner which means time to slim down, tone up, get your body right for the beach/boat. You hit the gym, you eat a little better, you get on the right track…except for that one little thing, ALCOHOL.

It’s not your fault. You live in a town where there is a reason to participate in libations on a daily basis. Sunday Funday, Friday Happy Hour, Wednesday Ladies Night, the list goes on and on and on. LUCKILY the Booze Fairy brought a magical idea to two lovely people in the Low Country, Scott and Stephanie.

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  • Let There Be Cupcakes – Help me raise money for Joey!

    To Benefit Joey Benton’s Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk Team “Peanut Patrol”. We’ll be selling cupcakes from No Wheat Treats, a signature cupcake cocktail from Crave, and we have your chance to win some fabulous prizes from Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston, Francis Marion Hotel, No Wheat Treats, Zen Lotus Massage, 95SX, Wild Wing, Crave, and more.

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  • “WWCD” – What Would Carrie Do?

    Carrie Underwood has been the motivation and inspiration for many aspiring singers, but for Alysa (my roomie) and I, she has been the inspiration to PUT DOWN THE FRENCH FRIES, ICE CREAM, & SODA!

    Obviously (for the past few…well for a while) we have not had our eye on the prize. However when we found out we would be attending her concert and MEETING her, it was time to put the game face on!

    Here’s the dramatic re-enactment of how WWCD was added to our vocabulary.