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  • GChat W/Rachel-Perception


    Every morning my girlfriend, Rachel, and I catch up on G Chat (yes this is the same Rachel I had dinner with last night and watched The Following with…she was literally with me until I fell asleep. BUT A LOT can happen in 9 hours!) This Mornings conversation was about Frank Sinatra…or at least how […]

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  • Who Would You Rather?

    NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre Dame

    Let”s play a good game of Who Would You Rather???? Shall We? If you watched the BCS Championship Game…or if you’ve been near a TV, Radio, or the internet, you have heard about Katherine Webb aka Miss Alabama aka AJ McCarron’s girlfriend. Since that night her pictures have been everywhere, interviews have been scheduled, SHE […]

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  • Fabulous!

    Trousseau Robe

    I’m 90% sure I was supposed to be a Drag Queen. (I may not wear them all the time BUT) I  love Fabulous things…Wigs, Hair Extensions, Gaudy Jewelry, Fake Eyelashes, Feathers, Boas, etc. Last week I added this Oh So Glamorous piece to my collection There are 2 reactions you can have to this piece… […]

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  • January Holidays!

    Hug Day

    We all know there is New Years and Martin Luther King Jr. Day…but there are some pretty fabulous holidays that don’t get enough credit during January. This morning I came across some of these little gems while on one of my favorite websites, Buzzfeed , and wanted to share! January 8- Bubble Bath Day! Pour […]