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  • OBSESSED!!!!!

    Obsessed 001

    Here are a few things I’m currently obsessed with… The Cajun Shrimp OPI Gel Color! I got a mani/pedi and did two things that are completely out of my norm! 1. I paid more gels…what can I say I’m cheap when it comes to manicures 2. Opted for a red color instead of pink or […]

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  • Time for a New Adventure

    If you we’re listening to the Jack Diamond Morning Show today, you might have noticed a raspy voice missing. That’s because I was sleeping…I slept until 9am! Not because I didn’t hear my alarm, not because I have a vacation day, but because I am taking on a new chapter of my radio career… Starting […]

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  • Eureka!!!! I Found It!

    Drink The District

    I didn’t strike actual gold, BUT I did discover this hidden little treasure in Washington. I use the term “discover” loosely, as others have come before me, but it was new to me! I give you….Yard’s Park! I was convinced to make the journey ALL THE WAY to the Navy Yard Metro Stop *yep I […]