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  • Dear Vodka, I’m Back!

    Vodka Soda

    When I started drinking *at the age of 21…* Beer was the answer. Miller Lite to be exact. 25 lbs later I realized beer might not be the best answer for me. So around 23 I switched to vodka…many men later I decided that might not be the best answer either. *Just kidding…kind of*  It […]

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  • Great Strides 2013

    Bentons Blog

    Who knew the year 2007 and a cupcake would change my life If you don’t know The Cupcake Story- here’s a brief version of it- A little boy named Joey “Peanut” Benton came over to my tent at a walk for the American Cancer Society and wanted a cupcake that we we’re selling to raise […]

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  • OLD

    Old Tweet

    My 30th birthday is approaching… I didn’t think I was going to have a problem with it. When I would hear older friends talk about their dreaded day, they were more concerned with being single, not having children, & not owning a home…none of those issues worried me. But as August 1st continues to creep […]

  • Famous Folks

    Charles Ramsey McDonalds

    It might be a little soon to announce my pic for Man of the Year, but I’m just not sure how someone else can top Charles Ramsey. He is the hero that rescued Amanda Berry from the Cleveland “House of Horrors”. There are so many reasons he should be applauded…the obvious being that he the […]