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  • The Plan Before The Plan

    The Plan Before The Plan

    It’s Plan Time. I come to this place about once a year. It comes for different reasons at different times…I feel stale, I gain weight, I feel like I’m not doing enough…I JUST WANT MORE! I get in a rut. I’m a person that believes in allowing yourself to experience emotions and feel them (if […]

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  • New Couple Alert!!!! *allegedly*


    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. oooooooOOOOOOOooooooooooo! So why do I love….LET ME TELL YOU! 1. Katie is looking FANTASTIC! I never really thought she was pretty (even back in the Dawson’s Creek days) and now I find myself stopping when I come across one of her recent paparazzi shots and thinking “DAMN KATIE YOU LOOK […]

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  • It’s Not You…It’s The Coat


    The conversation started with pizza. Marco (the other awesome voice you hear with me in the afternoon on All The Hits 107-3) mentioned he was craving pizza…and so the conversation began. Me- “You should get some.” Marco- “yea…but it’s not good for you.” Me- “but it’s delicious.” Marco- “way to state the obvious…” Me- “If […]