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  • Only in NYC…

    Nyc Weekend

    I think Jay-Z & Alicia Keys said it best when they sang, “Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of”. It’s one of the greatest cities in the world. From the gorgeous buildings to the street food, New York is one of those places that makes  you feel like ANYTHING is possible. My weekend trip in […]

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  • My Bachelorette Party-Part 1

    Vegas Girls

    This past weekend…Me, Al, Joe, Jessy, My Brother, His Roomie J, and My Mom & her BFF Susie took over Las Vegas for my FIRST BACHELORETTE PARTY! From Pools, to Casinos, to Britney Spears…WE TURNED DOWN FOR NOTHING! Here are some lessons I learned during this Bachelorette Party Weekend Being a “Vegaaaaaasssssss” Girl can be […]

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  • Sunday Funday

    sunday funday joe

    This makes my life. 1. I am quoted in the Charleston, SC Newspaper-The Post & Courier. 2. I am quoted in the Post & Courier discussing the AWESOMENESS that is SUNDAY FUNDAY IN CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA! “There is no city (in the four cities I’ve lived in and the many I have visited) that knows […]

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  • Obsessed with Falls Church

    Falls Church

    Why hasn’t anyone in the DC area told me about the hidden little gem that is Falls Church, VA????? Then again, if someone would have suggested Falls Church I might not have listened because it was “so far away” from the City. After a very successful shopping trip at the Marshall’s ( I bought 3 […]