30 Days Of Giving

Day 1- Help Make Someone Else’s Dream Come True

I have been incredibly lucky or incredibly blessed throughout my career. My goal has always been to get to the top. Hard work, the right connections, and my undeniable charm (HA) landed me a job in a TOP 10 Market at the age of 27. A feat I never believed would happen let alone at the age of 27. Every day I am living my dream and when I saw Oprah’s Favorite Things Episode today I was inspired by one of the websites she was talking about… www.Kiva.com

It’s a site that provides loans for entrepreneurs across the globe trying to start a business and live out their dreams. It couldn’t be more perfect. $25 and I’m helping make someone’s dream come true. You can to! Donate now www.kiva.com

Day 2: Sometimes Giving Means Getting Too!

I really needed a pair of flats. If you live in DC you know exactly what I’m talking about…a lot of walking, uneven roads, UPHILL…all I’m saying is heels are not your friend in a walking city.

While at the mall I was looking for different pairs of shoes when I found Tom’s Shoes. I’ve seen the commercial for Tom’s Shoes (and know how trendy they are) but hadn’t ever shown any interest in buying them…or flats in general. Then I realized THIS COULD BE MY GOOD DEED! 2 Birds…One Stone.

Everytime you buy a pair of Tom’s Shoes, he donates a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One For One. I like this Tom.

Day 3: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

To most it’s a no brainer, but as a busy girl, I am all about convenience. It’s not right, but it’s a fact. I don’t do enough to help out Mother Earth so today I start giving back to our planet by recycling the water bottles/cardboard/cans that I use. It’s not a lot but if we all did a little, look at the impact we might have on our planet.


Giving isn’t as easy as it seems. I’ve been trying to do different types of good work to prove that it isn’t just about donating money or time. It came to a stop today. I felt like I was on my way to a very repetitive cycle SO today it’s all about finding new ways and places to help out. I googled Volunteer in DC and a ton popped up. So I emailed the contacts and hope to hear back from them soon! I’ll let you know

Day 4: It’s The Little Things

I considered donating a coat, buying someone lunch, and many other things this morning as I was thinking about the challenge that I have taken on but sometimes it’s not about forcing it. I went to Ace Hardware to buy some wood stain and as I was checking out the woman at the counter said, “And would you like to donate $1 to the Children’s Hospital?” With a big grin on my face I said, “Yes I would!”

Remember…Every dollar helps.

Posting everyday made me feel like I was cheapening the concept of giving. I would second guess if something was “giving” enough because I was worried about posting it, then I would get frustrated with the Quest, and it felt like I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I am continuing my journey and enjoying every minute of it. Especially the joy I see in other people’s faces when I help them.

Here are some other examples of things I’ve done in the past few days (and will continue to do) if you are trying to do something like this also.

It was cold out so I bought a bowl of chili for a homeless man when I went into the grocery store, gave flowers to a random stranger walking down the street (LOVED THIS ONE), gave a dollar to the Children’s Hospital as I was checking out at Ace, donated old clothes to a women’s shelter, and gave up my seat on the metro for an older woman.

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Melicarr

    I donated to East Cooper Community Outreach today to give less fortunate families a turkey for Thanksgiving. Really glad that my company gave me the option. They even set up a payroll deduction option for everyone that didn’t have cash on them! Love this time of year!!