6 Things I Miss About Charleston…1 I Do Not!

It’s pretty obvious that Charleston, SC is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I’m pretty sure that when I die, if I get to choose my heaven, it’s going to be a mixture of Disneyland and Charleston. I recently took a trip back for Charleston Fashion Week and had the BEST time.

Sure there are great things about every city BUT these are my 6 favorite things about Charleston…things you can’t get anywhere else. (In no particular order…ok that’s a lie…Arthur will always be number 1!)

The Bridge/Arthur/My Boyfriend

First of all he is one of the most beautiful bridges I have ever seen! When you walk up The Bridge (from the Mount Pleasant Side) and get to the part where the pillars (? not sure if that’s what they are called) start, look up. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore when I look up at it. I smile I start to spin around and I immediately want to throw a hat. It’s incredible. Not to mention the view of Downtown Charleston to your right and Mt. Pleasant to your left (if you are facing the water).

Now in no particular order

Sunday Funday

There is no city (in the 4 cities I’ve lived in and the many I have visited) that knows how to Sunday Funday the way Charleston does. It starts with brunch and ends with debauchery.

Let’s just say before every Sunday Funday in Charleston I say, “Your Welcome” and “My Bad”, just in case.

Paloosh Salon

As a female, it is HARD to find a salon that just fits you. The environment, the people, the quality. I found mine 4 years ago when I stepped foot in Paloosh. I must love it considering I schedule my trips to SC based on when I need to get my hair done again. Holly, Chelsea, and the rest of the girls are so talented and so accomodating! AND if you are a blonde and cant find someone to do the PERFECT shade of blonde for you (my girlfriend Allison and I talk about this all the time), you have to go to another blonde or someone that appreciates blonde. That is Holly! She’s the best!

Joe Quinn’s Mom’s Beach House

Or as I like to refer to it…heaven! First of all the house is huge and so beautiful! It’s located right water front on the Isle of Palms, and there is a pool that overlooks the ocean! I guess I forgot to mention the HOT TUB TOO! This is a house where magic happens. I’m deathly afraid of fish…but one night at Joe Quinn’s Mom’s Beach House not only did I get in the ocean…I went skinny dipping with a few other folks that shall remain nameless. Oh Joe Quinn’s Mom’s Beach House…I have such fond memories.

My Pals

I met some of my BEST friends in Charleston. People that I truly believe I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life…as long as Facebook exists =) It would take to long to list everyone, but you know who you are. It fills my heart with joy everytime I am around you all!

The Food

Oh dear sweet Filet from Hall’s Chophouse, Grilled Cheese Spinach and Tomato Sandwich at Crave, Salsa at Red’s, Big Buffalo Chicken Salad at Wild Wings, Burger at Poe’s, GOD I LOVE THE FOOD! I couldn’t even put a picture up of the food because it made me angry and jealous that I couldn’t eat any of it right this minute!



5 days in Charleston and this is what ONE of my leg looks like. My arms were attacked too!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Hulseym

    OMG! Brooke, is that me molesting you? No more Sunday Funday for me! :) 

  • Morgan Smith

    Brooke! Miss hearing you on the radio and seeing you among friends out on the town. Hope DC is treating you right! – Morgan Smith

  • Annemachowski

    Haha I’m in there too, crazy, fun times!!

  • Brooke

    Oh I like it Meggie! I like it! =) 
    Miss you Morgan!