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A Moment In Time- The Perfect New Years Kiss |
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A Moment In Time- The Perfect New Years Kiss

We all have magical moments in our lives…maybe it’s a Summer Love like Sandy and Danny *Go Grease Lightening! Maybe you scored the winning points during the big game. Maybe you had one of the best nights of your life with your girlfriend. Whatever they may be, most of the time they are unexpected, unforgettable, and unlikely to ever happen again. They are also the most fun stories to tell…so here is one of mine.

Let’s take a trip to October 2006…

I was with my girlfriend Emily at the Paris Hotel Bar in Las Vegas. We we’re sipping on cocktails and gossiping about what the night had in store for us! Little did I know, this was the beginning of one of the greatest love/lust/like/whatever you want to call it stories of my life. While sitting at the bar we were approached by some older gentleman (older is being polite, they had to be in their 80’s, no joke). They asked us to sit at their table and chat. They were harmless…and bought our drinks…so we did! I noticed a ridiculously good looking guy sitting at the table next to us. We made eye contact…and continued to…The old men left and I got up to go to the bathroom. Upon return, Emily was talking to the dreamboat. *Looks like I wasn’t the one he was interested in…no biggie there were plenty of men in Sin City* That’s when he said to Emily (but loud enough for me to hear), “Will you tell your friend I’m in love with her?” That was it. I was hooked. I’m not sure if I believe in love at first sight but he challenged my doubt. We talked for a bit but he had to leave to meet his friends at MGM Grand and we had our plans. He got my number but I didn’t really think I’d hear from him…we were in Vegas…He called, we met up, but best of all, we kept in touch.

Fast Forward to New Years Eve.

Lover and I decided to meet in Vegas.

Sidenote: I will be referring to him as “Lover” instead of his real name because he has a girlfriend, and not that she knows about me or would ever happen upon this blog…BUT it’s a just in case sort of thing. I wouldn’t want to read about my boyfriends ex fling and their moment…and that’s what we called each other.

I was already planning on being there with my cousin and he was a 5 hour drive away. It was an easy meeting place.

I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him until right before the clock struck midnight. My Aunt got my Cousin, John, and I tickets to a New Years Eve Party at Paris. I was excited about the party but knew I was going to split before the ball dropped so I could have my New Year kiss.

The party was…well…it was…nice. I know I sound ungrateful but I was 22 and everyone there was WAY older, it was a sit down dinner with a “party band” (aka YMCA and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) and definitely meant for couples…not singles. We finished our dinner, had a few drinks, busted out the best version of the Macarena we could, and LEFT! I was on a mission…find Lover!
Vegas New Years is a lot like New York New Years. The strip is crazy…it’s always crazy but this is crazier than normal! You can’t step into a casino unless you are staying at the hotel, have a ticket to one of the parties in the hotel, or you sneak by security.  Not too mention, trying to walk from one hotel to another is pointless because people are packed in like sardines.

PROBLEM…Lover wasn’t staying with me. He was staying on the other end of the strip!

11:15 ish-I told him I was with John at the hotel bar (the one in the casino, not a separate bar. Yep, it was livelier in the hotel bar than the party) and to meet me there. He said he would do his best but he was stuck in the crowd. He really didn’t think he would make it on time.

John and I consumed beverages and wallowed in the fact that this would be the first New Year’s I didn’t have anyone to make out with. (ok… I was the only one whining)

11:45ish- Nothing. I tried calling…no answer. The reality was setting in.

11:57- I decide to walk away from the bar and all of the happy couples about to kiss and called my mom. She asked if Lover made it to Paris. (I was keeping her updated on the progress of the night via text.) Nope. He wasn’t there. I was just about to get into the “no kiss for midnight” story when I heard “Lover” through the crowd. I turned around. There he was *Be Still My Heart…I still get that tingly feeling when I think about that moment* We had a minute to spare. We ran to each other then ran outside. Right at midnight we kissed…next to the Eiffel Tower (ok so it was the Eiffel Tower in Vegas but damn it was amazing).

Normally I think New Years Eve is kind of overrated but not this one…this one was perfect.

Our love affair continued and all of our stories are like the ones out of movies (maybe I’ll share more on a later date) but this is real life…not the movies. He lived in one state, I lived in another. While we kept in touch and met for a few more Vegas adventures, we both ended up with other people, and ultimately moved on.

If one day we both ended up being single and in Vegas at the same time, would I be interested in rekindling the love affair we had? Absolutely…but if not, we’ll always have our New Years kiss next to the Eiffel Tower.

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things