Britney Spears

The Basics

My name is Brooke Ryan.

My birthday is August 1, 1983.

I’m originally from Bakersfield, Ca. (home of the GREAT Buck Owens) but have lived in Knoxville,Tn (GO VOLS),  Charleston, Sc (Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places), Washington, DC, and now I’m back in Charleston!!!

I get to sit with my two best friends every morning and gossip on the 2 Girls and a Guy Show on the new Mix96.

Fun Facts

I was named after Brooke English on All My Children and to this day it’s my favorite Soap!

When I was 19, I was on the Price is Right (with both Bob Barker and Rod Roddy). I stayed in contestants row the ENTIRE game…even after I guessed “One dollar Bob, one dollar.”  The guy next to me said $2. He got to play…but I got to say, “One dollar Bob, one dollar.”

Growing up I wanted to be a Singing Dentist. I planned on singing to my patients while I was working on them because I hated the elevator music in my dentist’s office.

I’m a HUGE Britney Spears fan!

I love ketchup. I mean I’m truly PASSIONATE about Ketchup. I put it on everything: eggs, meat, bread, rice, pizza, etc.

My celebrity crushes- Matt Nathanson and Bill Murray.