All My Single Ladies…Put A Pin On It?

If you are engaged or married you wear a ring on your finger to symbolize your love for each other and commitment…let’s be honest, it’s to show you’re TAKEN! Off The Market! Not Interested! If you are single and you see the Back Off ring, most of the time that’s what you do…unless you are a fan of

When you’re dating someone, you’re unmarked. When you’re semi-kinda-sorta dating someone, you’re unmarked.  When you’re single and LOOKING, you’re unmarked. When you’re single and uninterested, you’re unmarked.

What if that changed? What if the single folks that were interested in meeting people wore some sort of a pin or ring or other form of ID to say I’m Single and Ready To Mingle?

A “dating entrepreneur” from Australia has invented something he hopes will make it much easier for singles to approach one another. It’s called a “singles identification badge,”

At first I thought, this is a  desperate attempt to get a date, but then I started thinking about the many times I’ve seen someone I was interested in, struck up a conversation, and found out later that he was in a relationship. Why waste your time on the unattainable, right?

Beyond that, the Single Identification Badge could have different levels…think Facebook.

Single & interested in men.

Single & interested in women.

Single & looking for a fling.

Single & looking for a serious relationship.

Single & looking for a free meal tonight.

Would you wear a SIB? I think I may if it was subtle…like a right hand ring or a silly band. If it looked like an employee badge I’d have to pass.

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