All My Single Ladies

Two things happened today that inspired me to write this .

The First- I spotted a 2 Men & A Truck on the Beltway this morning…but we’ll get to that in a minute


I know I know…Shouldn’t take Driving Pics…Wait I mean…I googled this picture.

The Second- My conversation with A at Persona Doctors.

While I was taking off my shoes and getting ready to weigh in A asked about wedding planning (that seems to be the topic of conversation with everyone I run into these days). After I told her what the latest was (Invitations and Bachelorette Parties) she said, “ughhh I was going to get out there and start dating again but I’m not sure I’m ready. Heartbreaks, The ONE,  I don’t want to deal with the hassle of it all.”

That is when I looked at her and said,

“Don’t date for ‘love’…Date for the STORIES”

Then I told her about Two Men & A Truck.

Years ago while I was living in Charleston we did a radio promotion on Valentine’s Day where you could Win a Date With Me (lucky fella right?). The phone calls came in but one in particular stood out, Adam. He even had former Clients call on his behalf when they heard him on the air. He worked for 2 Men & A Truck. He ended up winning and we had dinner that night (the station of course paid for the date…this is important for later). We hit it off and ended up exchanging numbers. There were multiple dates after that but they were always very frugal or ended in a bet: If he won Air Hockey I paid for dinner, There was the eat 2 pieces of bread without water challenge…I always lost. He always got a meal. (It’ll all make sense soon). We stopped dating, but not because of the cheap dates or my buying (I always lost fair and square). Months later I got an email from Adam…it went something like this…

Hey Brooke,

I wanted to talk to you about something before you see me on the news promoting it. The time I was in Charleston I was actually writing a book about the American Dream and how it is possible. I moved down there with $25 & a bag of clothes. I lived in the Homeless Shelter until I earned enough money to get my own place, I met you right after that…

The rest I won’t tell you because the book is really great and you should read it. It’s called “Scratch Beginnings” by Adam Shepard.


The point of the story is this…If I didn’t go out with a random guy that worked for 2 Men & A Truck, I wouldn’t have the story that *Deep breath* I went out with a guy that worked for 2 Men & a Truck, found out he was homeless, who became a published author, that taught me you can’t eat 2 pieces of white bread without water and was a really great guy.

*Trust me on this one. You can’t. Not even if you ball it up really tight and eat it that way. I tried. Ok I know you are going to try it so let me know your results. If you can make it work, please video the process and send it to me!

The point of it all- Don’t date for love. Date for fun! Date for the stories and the adventures!

LOVE WILL COME. I promise. I’m the girl that wasn’t ever looking for it and here I am happier than ever about to get married to My Person. If I would’ve tried to force love earlier, I may have ended up in the wrong relationship with a lot of divorce bills…but the worst part, I would’ve missed out on stories…and I have A LOT of good stories.
So go forth my single friends…and date!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Jessy

    Love it!
    Really great point!

    P.S. I will be trying the bread thing this weekend. Ha.

  • Brooke Ryan

    How did the bread work Jessy????