April Fool’s Day Can Suck It

April Fools Suck It

I have hated April Fools Day since I was in Elementary School and my Best Friend (yes he still is and yes I still hold this against him), Scott, told me that Brian, the boy I had a crush on, liked me. I even made mention that it was April 1st and I wasn’t falling for it but he swore for at least 5 minutes it was the truth and that he was going to “ask me out”. OMG I WAS GOING TO BE BRIAN R.’S GIRLFRIEND! When I started to accept the fact that this was a reality, Scott jumped in with April Fools.

* Brian, if this blog happens upon you, yep I had such a crush on you (not that that was such a secret) at Sing Lum that this moment still affects my feelings towards April Fool’s today.

* Scott, it’s a good thing I still love you!

These same emotions were brought up once again when I was on the phone with my mom this morning (April 2nd) and she said, “IS IT TRUE??? Is N’Sync reuniting? I saw someone post it on Facebook. Ryan Seacrest posted it.” Immediately I went the website thinking maybe it was posted today and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I mean my horoscope this morning said to expect some great news! I clicked on the N’Sync Reuniting link…It was posted April 1st and in fact was a joke and my dreams we’re….Gone!


Ryan Seacrest.com Announces Nsync Reunion and New Songs 

Then I saw a link to Lauren Conrad’s Purple Hair. I posted about it yesterday in my Finding Inspiration Blog. It too was an April Fool’s Joke. I don’t care that much about Lauren and her hair but I found myself annoyed.  I even started talking to the computer (in my head) in a condescending tone…OoooOOOo aren’t you so clever LC? You got us. You and your purple hair! ooOOoooo.

Lauren Conrad Dyes Hair Lavender

But the ultimate was the story I read about a woman in Virginia who sent her daughter a text saying there was a shots fired at Virginia College. She said she was hiding in the bathroom. The daughter called 911 and cops responded immediately and found there was no threat. A College in Virginia LADY? Of all places? The Virginia Tech Massacre wasn’t all that long ago and is still on people’s minds…especially people that live in Virginia! She went WAY TOO FAR!

Woman’s April Fool’s Prank “Shooting” at College

Some of the pranks and jokes are harmless but annoying and others cause the police to arrive to an unnecessary scene…Either way it makes for a day I would rather stay in bed and off the internet, but that’s not going to happen. So, in conclusion,  whether it’s wrapping your friends toilet with Saran Wrap in the morning so the pee splashes back, telling a bunch of superfans their band is reuniting, or claiming there is a shooting when there is not, April Fools can SUCK IT!

HAPPY APRIL 2nd!!!!!

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