Attitude Adjustment

I’m not going to go into the details that inspired the need for a positive quote BUT let’s just say some things happened that turned that Upside Down into a Frown.  

I used to be pretty good at CHOOSING my attitude. Lately it’s been a little harder. Maybe it has something to do with getting older, more life experience, etc…but whatever the reason, I’ve really had to CHOOSE to see that glass as half full. It’s not coming naturally like it used to.

 There are two mantras that I always repeat during these pessimistic moments. One was passed on to me by the incredible Ayoka Lucas, “Relax. Relate. Release.” And the other was in the movie Eat. Pray. Love. I don’t know the exact quote, but it happens when she is in India on the roof with the guy that had been kind of hard on her and cries to him about her ex-husband and missing him sometimes. He then says something to the effect of “Give it light, give it love, and let it go.” Basically the same message I learned from Ayoka.

Acknowledge the issue. I believe it’s ok to be sad or angry or frustrated, the problem happens when you dwell on it. Bless it and find the lesson in it….even if it is a very very small lesson and you feel like you shouldn’t have had to go through ALL OF THAT for the itty bitty lesson (most of the time you’ll figure out what the bigger lesson was later on). And then let it go and move on.  

I have gone over those mantras a few time…and while I ABSOLUTELY believe in them. I’m having a really hard time with them right now. BUT instead of the dwelling, I decided to be PROactive and find a way to CHANGE my attitude. Due to my location and situation, I wasn’t able to go for a jog or take it out on a punching bag or step into Disneyland (THAT ALWAYS WORKS FOR ME), I opted to use what I had and looked up Positive Quotes to help Change your attitude on a bad day (yep I put all of that into the google search box). I clicked on the first…meh. Back to the search…clicked on the second and went through about 40 quotes and then I found this one 

Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time.  ~Betty Smith

Sarcastically (yep still pessimistic), I thought to myself (yep I was having a conversation in my head), HA! Of course the first time you see something it’s exciting…and I’ll tell you what! If I was seeing this for the LAST time I’d be smiling from ear to ear. LIGHTBULB! It all made sense. If-I-Were-Seeing-This-For-The-Last-Time-I’d-Be-Smiling. I would be so glad it was over that I would relish in the fact that these are the LAST moments that I have to deal with it. Thank you Betty Smith. Your quote was the one that cut through the thick nasty cloud over my head and helped me change my attitude for the day. I have a feeling I will be using this one a lot more often.

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