Bill Quest Part 2-Thank You Social Media Friends!



He’s one of the many reasons I LOVE Facebook, Twitter, and all of the Social Media Platforms!

It’s no secret that I love Bill Murray. I love everything about his quirky ways, his Zero F***s Given Mentality, the fact that he books his own gigs and has a phone number ANYONE can call to request him for a job, his crazy style, and of course his movies!

My Bill Murray obsession was revealed and taken to the next level when I found out he LIVED in Charleston, SC. It went from him being on my Celebrity Crush List to OH MY GOD I MAY RUN INTO HIM SOMEWHERE WHILE I’M OUT AND ABOUT! I was laser focused and determined to meet him…that is when BILL QUEST was born.

I went on a never ending quest to meet Mr. Murray and after months of doing my best to “run into” him and at one point being in the same restaurant as Bill (but I chickened out and didn’t go over and say hello), I decided to put myself out there ONE LAST TIME and invite him to meet me on the mound during a Riverdogs Game while I was throwing out the First Pitch. He didn’t show. I was sad, but I knew it was time for Bill Quest to come to an end. Sure enough that following Sunday (3 days later) I ran into him at the Windjammer.


It will go down in history as one of the greatest days of my life!

If it wasn’t for Social Media, I wouldn’t have had the knowledge on how to approach Bill (as many people had met him and had good and bad experiences depending on they approached him), the places he frequents, and I wouldn’t have known he was at the Windjammer that perfect Sunday! Thank you Natty Heavy for that text!

Now whenever my Facebook/Twitter/Real Life Friends see an article or a t-shirt or even a Bill Murray $5 Bill they send me the link and make sure I am in the know! I LOVE THAT!

Today was no exception. When the story of Bill Murray crashing a Bachelor Party broke…MY SOCIAL MEDIA BLEW UP!

Bill Quest

And now…it’s time for Bill Quest Part 2-Bachelorette Bill Edition!

My Charleston Bachelorette Party is July 18th-20th and it would make me the happiest Bride in the entire world to spend my last big hoorah as a single woman with Bill Murray!

So if you see the man, know the man, run into him at a coffee shop or bar, just let him know he is invited!

*Sidenote- I do realize that this is a little selfish of me. It’s like the person that wins a Powerball and then keeps playing the lottery because they want to win another…but just like those lucky bitches that win two Powerballs in their lifetime, I’m going to try. Because if you don’t play, you can’t win!


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