Bow Tie Thursday Is Sweeping The Nation!

BowTie Thursday is SWEEPING THE NATION…or it’s catching on. Either way, I’m excited. After 3 consecutive BowTie Thursday’s people are starting to participate.

Yesterday Connie (a friend of mine from South Carolina) sent me a picture of her son Ryan and his Doctor at MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina) rocking the BowTie!

Aly was at Westfield Mall for Fashion’s Night Out when she ran into Crystal. She was…yep you guessed it…wearing a BowTie!

But the most exciting part came via Twitter. DHANI JONES TWEETED ME! (he started his own BowTie Revolution)

For those that don’t speak Twitter…translation

The girl asked if girls could participate in the BowTie Revolution! To which Dhani said, “They already are! Ask Brooke Ryan”  OMG!

You may know Dhani Jones as a Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker or from his TV show on the Travel Channel “Dhani Tackles The Globe”. I know him as the BowTie Man! When I started BowTie Thursday (which was inspired by my co-worker Colin), Colin informed me of Mr. Jones and his Charity.

The website sells bowties that benefit all different charities. From a 9/11 Memorial BowTie to a Ronald McDonald House BowTie to a Zoofari BowTie (YES ZOOFARI as in ZOOFARI at the National Zoo…he’s a local fella from Potomac!) I also heard a rumor that there may be a BowTie coming soon to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. That just warms my heart.

Feel free to join me next Thursday by wearing a BowTie! If you get funny looks or if people question your new style, pass along the piece of wisdom that Dhani’s friend Kunta  passed to him, “If you wanna be anybody. You gotta rock a BowTie.”

You’re a class act Dhani Jones…and not just because you wear a BowTie.

Follow The Bow Tie Revolution on Twitter: @ItsBrookeRyan @DhaniJones @BowTieCause @BowTieCEO @bosoxcolin

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