Brewer’s Ball

Saturday night was the 9th Annual Brewer’s Ball to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This event is by far one of my favorite events in the city! Why? Well my friend, let me tell you…

1. I am very involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, so anything that benefits finding a cure for CF I am completely on board with! We’re getting closer guys…getting closer! So keep supporting! The next event is Great Strides and I’d love for you to join my team! Just click here to sign up or donate.

2. THIS, MY SINGLE LADY FRIENDS, IS WHERE THE BOYS ARE! If you have been wondering where all the delicious men have been hiding…they have been hiding at the Brewer’s Ball. Seriously! And there is something for everyone…like guys with beards? They are there! Enjoy a dapper man in a suit? HE’S THERE! College Frat Guy more your type? Guess what? HE’S THERE TOO! My friend Allison and I couldn’t get over how many beautiful guys were in the room (and there were definitely more fellas  than there were ladies).

3. BEER! It’s the perfect place to try new craft brews along with some of your old favorites. This year I was introduced to 2 new beers and 1 cider that I am currently in love with.

* Let’s start with the cider. I’ve never been a cider fan…until now. Mike and Ward from Bold Rock Hard Cider were on hand pouring the Virginia Draft and Virginia Apple. The Virginia Draft was by far my favorite! Love Love Love it! But I can absolutely see why others love the Virginia Apple. It’s crisp, light, and refreshing…perfect for a summer. The best part about this cider? Besides the delicious taste and the friendly fellas pouring it, The Cidery is located in Nellysford, Va and they have Tours and Tastings! Sign me up!

* Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager. HOLY HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE! By far one of the easiest beers I have ever tried…but not in a watered down Miller Lite sort of way (no offense Miller Lite…I drink you on the regular).  I can already see myself in a Sunday Funday T-shirt drinking 1 or 2 (or 4) of the Cherry Blossom Lager while hanging out with my pals on our rooftop on a warm spring Sunday Afternoon. And it comes in a pretty bottle =) So where can you get it? Lot’s of places! Everywhere from Safeway and Whole Foods to their Distillery in DC or Whitlow’s on Wilson. Click here to see  all of the locations.

* Magic Hat Pistil– I AM OBSESSED WITH DANDELIONS! So when I found out there was a dandelion beer I had to try it. Then I found out it is made by the same brewery that makes my FAVORITE BEER of the moment Magic Hat #9. It was already a front runner for me before I even tried it, and after, it still made the list!

A big thank you to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for throwing such an amazing event, Mix 1073 for being at the event and taking pictures in the super fun photo booth *They will be up on Tuesday*, The Congress (one of my favorite DC bands) for being amazing and playing the event, and Allison for being my date!

I’d like to end this blog with a quote from good ole Ben Franklin, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”

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