“But I Can Change Him”- An Open Letter to…


This open letter was inspired by the discovery that Jessie James cheated on Kat Von D with 19 women.

Dear  “I Can Change Him” Women,


I write this open letter with love. I realize that sometimes you meet someone that seems perfect in so many ways. Fits you like the puzzle piece you’ve been missing. He’s charming, he’s funny, he’s interested in you too, and not to mention, he’s smokin hot…BUT… he hates cuddling…he ignores you COMPLETELY when football is on…he’s cheated on EVERY woman before you (sometimes with multiple women, Kat Von D).


Don’t get it twisted…he may be able to MASK the real him for a while. He told you “cuddling” isn’t really for him BUT he knows you want to sooooo the first few weeks he may cuddle up during a movie. It’s a Sunday and your best friend is having a birthday brunch that you and your man are invited to…during the honeymoon phase of a relationship he may choose to miss a game (as long as it’s not one of his 3 favorite teams) to join you for mimosas  and memories instead of beer and ball. AND FINALLY…the dreaded CHEATER. I’m not talking about the guy that cheated on his girlfriend in high school by kissing another girl after the pep rally or the man that cheated on a past girlfriend ONE time and vowed (to himself…this is not something that is shouted from the rooftops) from that moment on, he would NEVER do it again. I’m talking about the guy that cheats on practically every girlfriend and EVERYONE knows it.


You’ve been warned by your friends, you’ve been warned by HIS friends, you’ve been warned by EVERY woman magazine that has done a story on Sandra Bullock…but “it’s different with you, you can change him.”


This is where my favorite Southern Phrase comes into play…Bless Your Heart.

I’m not saying people CAN’T change…I am saying YOU CAN’T change someone. You can accept that person for who they are and deal the good and the bad that comes along with them, but don’t be disappointed when they reveal to you exactly who they are. ESPECIALLY if they’ve told you…or showed you (Jessie James) exactly who they are and what they do. Who knows…they may change because they decide it’s the right thing for them…but don’t expect it.


I’ve been there before and I’m not trying to say that I wont ever do it again (hope I wont…but you never know. Love can blind you) …but there are a few key phrases that if I catch myself saying them…I think twice.


“But I love him”

“I can change him”

“But I’m different”

Feel free to add to the list friends…and GOOD LUCK!



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  • Megan Louden

    “If I just do more nice things for him.”

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