Cheap Beauty Tip!

Dr. Oz….when you are right, you are RIGHT! I accidentally bought waterproof mascara but didn’t realize it was waterproof until I went to wash my face and noticed that I looked like a raccoon and COULDN’T fix the problem. I went to look for eye make-up remover and realized I was ALL OUT! EPIC FAIL! I rubbed my eyes raw with face wash, hand soap, q-tips, and every other little thing I could think of. Finally it came off.

The next day I came home, turned on the TV, and Dr. Oz was on talking about cheap beauty tricks. Sure enough the item he was on was eye make-up remover. He said something along the lines of, “Why spend $8 on remover when you can use…BABY SHAMPOO!” I remembered that I got a travel size baby shampoo in a STORE GRAND OPENING bag. I hesitantly applied my waterproof mascara and continued my day.

Bedtime came too soon (as it always does) and it was time to wash my face and brush  my teeth. I busted out the Baby Shampoo and applied it to my mascara. WELL MY GOODNESS IT WORKED! Don’t spend $8 on remover friends…spend a dollar or two on Baby Shampoo!


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