#DreamsComeBrew- My Ghost Monkey Brewery Collaboration

My Beer (yes I mean my beer…like the one I helped brew) is officially sitting, marinating, until it is ready to be served in a few short weeks.


During my UNICORN WEEK I got a message from John at Ghost Monkey Brewery (my favorite local brewery) asking if I would be interested in doing a beer collaboration.


I love beer and in my head I’ve always wanted to brew a beer…even contemplated picking up one of those cheap brewing kits that comes out around Christmas time at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.┬áSo when this opportunity came up, I was ready to dive in hops deep!

And talk about perfect timing, we would start brewing while one of my favorite men to share a beer with would be in town from California, my dad.

Prior to BREW DAY I met with John and Jim (the Head Brewer) to discuss what kind of beer I wanted to brew. They pretty much gave me creative control. I knew I wanted to incorporate dandelion root. I love dandelions and I know that dandelion root is used in tea so it could be used in a beer (a detox tea so that would make the beer healthy too right?) I like heat so Jim suggested we add some Carolina Reaper. Last but not least, being that I am BASIC AF and in the middle of a UNICORN moment in life, I suggested we top if off with a sprinkle of edible glitter.


Random thoughts of the whole process….BREWING BEER IS HARD…AND HOT! It’s not just drop some hops in, add a few flavor ingredients, and let it sit.

FullSizeRender (4)IMG_8762

During the boiling & cooling process we enjoyed a few brews and recorded a podcast!

It will be a few weeks before the beer is officially ready to consume but I’ll keep you updated on the Release Party date on Social Media.

Still haven’t officially decided on a name but here are a few we came up with…

BASIC B (this is the fav so far)

DandyCorn (Dandelion and Unicorn)

Lions Tooth (dandelion means Lions tooth in French I think…I’m a Leo…with the Carolina Reapers it will have a bite….and it’s just a bad ass name)

Still open to suggestions so feel free to comment below with any ideas you have!

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