Early to bed Early to Rise Keeps a Man Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise?

Not so much in my case. Early to bed means I drank too much champagne at Cities (Koodeta) around 3…migrated to a hooka bar until around 7…ended up at a rooftop cocktail party…and another bar (who’s name I forget).


It also means I bought a new pair of shoes at Ann Taylor (didn’t want to go to the cocktail party in flats & the shoes were hot), bought too many drinks, & took a cab BOTH WAYS.

As for the healthy part…I practically drank a bottle of Veuve…that can’t be healthy.


THE GOOD NEWS? I’m up at 7:30 am (without a hangover) watching MUSIC VIDEOS…yes there are actually MUSIC VIDEOS on the VH1 Countdown at 7am on a Sunday Morning…BONUS! It’s the Beasie Boys!


Early to bed: YES!

Early to rise: YES!

Healthy: If you consider waking up next to a bowl of mac and cheese healthy then YES!

Wealthy: far from it

Wise: Jury’s still out on this one.


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things