My Little Chat with Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is literally the nicest celebrity I have ever met…and I have met a few.


In my head, I have always pictured him as the guy that if you sat next to him at a bar, you would spark up a conversation over something silly like “Can you pass me the ketchup?”, end up buying each other a few drinks, sharing stories, & walking away going…”Wow. That Ed was such a nice guy. Hope I run into him again.”

He was all of that and more! Well we didn’t share beers or ketchup BUT his vibe was easy.

Few things I learned in the moments I had with Ed:

Ed Sheeran (6)

1. Don’t say that he “wrote for” Taylor Swift. He WRITES WITH Taylor.

I have 2 thoughts on this either
a. It is in a contract that he has to correct anyone that says Taylor doesn’t write her songs. Their are rumors she has a ghost writer and she doesn’t actually write her songs…I don’t really believe that.
b. He respects his pal and wants to make sure that he doesn’t take away from her talent as a writer as well as an artist.
After meeting him, I really think it’s B. He’s that good of a guy.

2. He’s sentimental.

Watch the interview at 3:10 where he talks about the new tattoo he is getting. SO SWEET.

3. He doesn’t feel entitled because of his fame.

After the interview as we were saying goodbye, my friend Alysa suggested that he check out Charleston because it is such a beautiful city. He said he was hanging out downtown the night before the show. He went for oysters and then went to 5 Church to hang out. While he was there he met the owners/managers and when it was time to leave, they told him his bill was taken care of.

At this point some celebs might just say thank you and leave.

As he was telling the story, (ever so humbly) he said that he told them that wasn’t necessary and he would pay for the bill. They wouldn’t let him. He then offered tickets to the show and they said, no that’s ok and just thanked him for stopping by.

4. We both have the same side.

When we sat for the interview, Ed sat on the side that I would normally choose.
I couldn’t Mariah Carey it and ask for only blue m&ms or the pretty light considering he was the celebrity, but geeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sitting on the fluffy sink in couch, at that angle, on my bad side, with a shirt that didn’t work well sitting down (standing up it was super cute and a little more flattering btw) wasn’t my best video moment.

Not sure what face I'm making in the dressing room...obviously wasn't planning on sharing, just wanted to make sure it looked good.
Not sure what face I’m making in the dressing room…obviously wasn’t planning on sharing, just wanted to make sure it looked good.

But alas, Flattering video or not, I got to spend about 10 minutes with an incredibly talented & kind human being named Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran on stage at the North Charleston Coliseum.
Ed Sheeran on stage at the North Charleston Coliseum.
James Blunt opening for Ed Sheeran
James Blunt opening for Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran (3)

Alysa and I agreed this is one of the Top 5 Shows we have been too!


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  • CJ Lindsey

    Just want to thank you. I am one half of the couple Ed spoke to you about. We sat on shock as he spoke our daughter Edelle (eddie for short). So nice to see him smile fondly in his memory of her. Look forward to showing her one day!

  • Brooke Ryan

    That is awesome! He truly is one of the nicest people (not just celebrities) I have ever met, so I’m not shocked that he would remember that moment. =)