Fear of Fish to Friend of Nemo!

Hi my name is Brooke and I have Ichthyophobia (yes I googled it because I don’t ever use the official term ) basically,  I am afraid of fish.

I know it’s weird. No it’s not sharks or whales or sea monsters…FISH! Yes Nemo. Yes goldfish. No I don’t go in the ocean. No I don’t like going to the Aquarium. No I don’t eat fish. I know they can’t hurt me…I’m trying to answer all the questions people ask me when they find out about my fear.

I explained where the fear came from on 2 Girls and a Guy. I was on Lake Michigan at a little amusement park on the pier and there was an area you could feed the fish. That image remains embedded in my mind and is the reason I refuse to go in water that isn’t chlorinated. Listen to the podcast to hear me talk about my traumatizing experience.

After moving back to Charleston and marrying a man that wants to have his own dock in the backyard to fish off of, I realized it was time to get over my fear.

Mike suggested a hypnotherapist…so we put out a BOLO for one in Charleston. Luckily one of our Facebook friends saw the post and tagged a local hypnotherapist, Rebecca Shaw, and we got in touch with her! She decided to take me on as a client and explained how hypnotherapy works.

Yesterday I had my first Hypnotherapy Session with Rebecca. It was awesome and hopefully by the end of this I’ll be able to swim in the Atlantic Ocean by the end of the summer!

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and if you are interested in trying out Hypnotherapy, I highly recommend Rebecca Shaw at Charleston Hypnosis Center


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