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Feeling Thankful… |
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Feeling Thankful…

Today it really hit me. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such talented, incredible, thoughtful people.

*I swore I wasn’t going to just blog about weddings, but I might as well throw that out the window because it is what is going on in my life and it’s amazing all of the lessons, the experiences, the emotions that go along with it…what I am saying is…get ready for a lot of Wedding Blogs over the next few months (whether directly or indirectly related to the actual wedding).

In the past few weeks so many people have stepped up to the plate…some were asked and some just offered. Either way, I am so grateful for these people in my life.

The things I am Thankful for…

* Having a mother that has been not only a Mom, an ear,  and a friend, but a wedding planner. She has been so helpful in planning this wedding. She has gone from hotels to get prices for Out of Towners, to DJ Places, to Caterers, and taken in all of the information so that we will have it all in front of us when we make our way to Bakersfield next weekend. She has done all the dirty work and done it with a smile on her face (Secretly I think she is plotting a new career.)

* My Dad. For understanding the important things…while Skyping with him this week he said, “Brooke. Listen. I just don’t want to have to do anything. Let’s just get it in here. Get it catered. Hire bartenders. And be done.” I love him.

* An Aunt that is so incredibly talented when it comes to making a Great Wedding Dress turn into a DREAM DRESS! She is taking my dress (that is beautiful as it is) but turning it into a 2 part dress that is going to blow your mind! I CAN’T WAIT until pictures of the dress can be posted!

* My cousin Alyssa, who at the age of 14, is making our cake.

I sent her a picture of the cake we wanted, she sent back a text saying, “that should be easy”, asked what flavor cake and fillings we wanted, and sent back a picture of the cake she made for her friends Birthday.



* A hair dresser, Brittany Amos at Hair Gallery, who has been a friend of the family for many years and is so incredibly talented! PS Can’t wait to get my hair colored the way a Bakersfield Blonde likes it next weekend!

* Brittany’s mom, Sherri. My mom ran into her while she was getting her hair done, told Sherri that we wanted to roast a pig and she informed us that not only do she and her husband have one but they would be willing to let us borrow it (and the Margarita Machine).

* A great friend that is an International Make Up Artist, Andrew C. Petersen, that said, “Baby I better be doing your make up for your wedding.” Then called my mom and told her she and my sister were going to be taken care of and look so glamorous as well!

* A friend, Hunter Boone, that is a man of many talents (and Videographer is one)  that is being way too generous with his time and talent!

* Neighbors like Joan and Bruce that are offering up their backyard and their home so we can have the Backyard BBQ/Sunday Funday themed Wedding and Reception.

*Neighbors like Lenny and Liane & Frank that are all about ripping down the fences in between our houses so we can have more room for the Tiki Welcome Party we are having in our (and now their) Backyard!

* Good Time Entertainment, the company DJing the wedding, for putting together a package that is full of lights, music, mics AND it’s affordable!

* Person Doctors! For helping me lose 4.5 lbs in the first week of being on the program! YEA BUDDY! That means a little over 15 pounds to lose and I will be at my ideal Bride weight! I could squeal I’m so excited. And…the FDA approved Diet medications and vitamins are giving me all kinds of energy so checklists and whatnot are no issue at all.

* My Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids/men (Alysa, Allison, Mendi, Joe, Will, Brooks) and friends like Mandy Horne that have been there for me when it gets overwhelming. For being understanding and allowing  me to bitch or get snappy. You guys are awesome!

And last but not least, My Fiance. Who has had to deal with me day in and day out. He has been so supportive and helpful through out it all. Most of all he is the one that tells me to put it all down and calm down at the end of the day…he tried to get me to sleep without my phone in my room last night to make sure I got a good nights sleep but we all know that wasn’t happening. He’s pretty amazing.

Thank you all again so much.

All of the love, support, and willingness to do anything to help has blown my mind and is so appreciated.

In case you are looking for any of the lovely folks I’ve mentioned services, I am posting the links. They really are THE BEST!

Dresses- www.BakersfieldAlterations.com

Hair- (661) 588-8626 ask for Brittany Amos

Make-Up- www.andrewcpetersen.com

Man of Many Talents- www.HunterBoone.com

Weight Loss- PersonaDoctors.com

DJ- www.GoodTimeEntertainment.com



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