Giveaway-My Make Out Bandit Shirt

Writing this blog gives me great joy….and such great sadness.

It is in fact, one of the (if not THE) most bittersweet moments of my life.

Since the age of 14 I have had a Kissing Book. The book that I write down all the boys I kissed along with a description of where/how it happened and a rating. If we’ve Made Out, you are in the book. Unless we made out during any of my Mexico trips or random vacations that *Alysa was present, then there is a chance you are listed as “Guy in the Red Shirt” or “Tall Curly Hair Guy” or even “Guy #4”.

It has never been a secret that I love a good Make-Out Session.

Now that I am engaged to a wonderful man. The only man I will be making out with from now on is Jim (unless for some crazy reason I become a famous actress and have to make out with Bradley Cooper in a movie).

Since there will be no more Random Make Outs…No more reasons to be called the “Make-Out Bandit”…

There is no reason to keep one of my favorite shirts held up in my closet for sentimental reasons.

Make Out Bandit

This is a shirt that needs to be worn and appreciated. The shirt needs to be loved the way a fellow Make-Out Bandit will love it! It’s time for me to pass this lovely piece of clothing on to someone that will wear it with pride the way I have for the past 10 years.

It’s an American Eagle Size Medium Shirt (Circa 2002ish) and still in Awesome Condition AND IT COULD BE YOURS! 

WIN MY “Make Out Bandit” T-Shirt

Comment below and Tell Me Why You Deserve The Shirt? How You Will Give It The New Home It Deserves? Etc. 

I will pick a winner  Wednesday March 12, 2014 at 3pm.

*Alysa is my Best Friend and the person I have made some of my Best & Worst Decisions with…but not matter what, we always decided…and ALWAYS had a Story! Now she is my Maid Of Honor and the stories will continue…but now it will only be good decisions =)

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • RMScandlyn

    I should win this shirt for sooooo many reasons, but we’ll limit it to one… The time I cock-blocked myself on Valentine’s Day.

    Nothing says, “Happy Single Awareness Day” like wine and purple pirate teeth…Right? Well… by the end of the night, I took little trip to Blackout Town. When I returned, I was flirting and making out with this really cute, nice guy. No way this could end badly. NO WAY!

    Another guy in the group we’d meet that night kept coming up and trying to cut in. Despite looking like Zac Efron (I’ve seen dude sober, and he still does), he was being a total douche. I don’t take kindly to douchebags these days, so I swiftly gave him a dick punch…after all, he’d had several verbal warnings. Did this stop that little pecker-wood? No! He kept coming back!!!

    Between make-out sessions with the nice guy, I continued dick punching Mr. Douchebag until someone in our group suggested it might be time to go. Since I was being responsible, I spent the night with friends. Somehow I managed to kick myself out of the bed, or fall out of it, which ever you prefer. One friend said, “Do you need help?” To which I responded, “No, I’ve decided to sleep on the floor. Hand me a pillow.”

    The following day, in order to manage our hangovers, we decided to go to brunch. We were all laughing about random things that happened from the night before, and I begin to tell this story:

    Me: So, I was making out with this really sweet Jewish guy named Andrew…
    Friend (laughing, interjected): His name was Alex and he was Armenian.
    Me: Oh, well… Anyway, this dude kept coming up and interrupting. It was pissing me off. What the hell was wrong with him?
    Friend (laughing hysterically now): Yeah he kept interrupting…you were making out with him and sent him off to get you a drink. He apparently took too long and you forgot about him. LITERALLY forgot about him and started making out with Alex….

    Moral of the story: Real make-out bandits end up sleeping on the floor… cold and alone.
    And I wonder why I’m single?
    This is why you are no longer a make-out bandit and you are GETTING MARRIED!!!
    ~ RMS

  • Brooke Ryan

    OH MY GOD @rmscandlyn I LOVE THIS! I’ve heard it before but I can’t help but laugh out loud when I read it again! You’re in the lead…and not just because you are the only comment!