Great Strides 2013

Who knew the year 2007 and a cupcake would change my life

If you don’t know The Cupcake Story- here’s a brief version of it- A little boy named Joey “Peanut” Benton came over to my tent at a walk for the American Cancer Society and wanted a cupcake that we we’re selling to raise extra money that day. His mom, Caroline, came back over with him, we talked, ate cupcakes, he danced and sang, I fell in love. I found out that he had a disease called Cystic Fibrosis and joined the Peanut Patrol. I signed up for the walks, had them in on the 2 Girls & a Guy Radio Show in Charleston to promote the Great Strides Walk…that was the beginning of our story!

Since that spring day in 2007

* I have managed to date both of the Benton Boys! Joey broke up with me when he turned 6 …it was via text…from his mom…while I was at work. He said we could still remain friends though. Then his brother Keegan asked me to be his gf…we’re currently engaged.
* Been a part of birthday parties, Joey’s Soccer Games & soon Keegan’s Baseball Game!
* Facetimed many Saturday mornings to just see their faces and say hello!
*Shared stories…oh the stories…and a few cocktails with Caroline & Joey (when they had adult visit to DC).
*Played Apples to Apples and learned about Super Secret Spy Activity with Joey & Keegan during Family visit to DC).

They have become so much more to me than friends. They have become family.

I didn’t know much about CF before I met the Bentons. I still don’t know enough. But here’s what I do know, I know that the average “age of survival” of a person with Cystic Fibrosis is in the late 30’s…. and I know that’s not good enough. Peanut deserves more. That’s why I sign up for the Great Strides Walk, that’s why I have a cupcake tattooed on the inside of my wrist. I want you to ask. I want to tell you about a little boy (and his family) that changed my life…and I want you to help change his. The foundation has made so much progress in the past year. There are so many exciting new drug developments. BUT CF STILL STANDS FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS…NOT CURE FOUND…and like I said before, that’s not good enough for Peanut.

Hope you will help Find a Cure!
To join Peanut Patrol or make a Donation Click Here

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