Happy Birthday Britney…& other Monday happenings

Britney Spears turns 32 today!

I can’t believe that I have spent 16 years loving her. My love for Britney is  just as strong today as it was the first time I saw the “Baby One More Time” video. I’ve loved her through thick and thin, good and bad (songs), hair and no hair.

This might be the longest and most unconditional relationship I have ever been in.

Happy Birthday Britney!


Thanksgiving was a great day full of food, friends, Cards Against Humanity,  and of course a little bit of drama.

As for the Turkey Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting…well…the taste was delicious, but I put too much milk or chicken broth in the potatoes because the frosting was a little runny.

Click Here For The Skinny Taste Recipe

The Sriracha Deviled Eggs were a MAJOR HIT! There was one little mess up with the recipe but nobody seemed to notice, or care. See I sent my boyfriend on a mission to pick up cilantro at the grocery store and sure enough he picked up the parsley instead. I think the cilantro would’ve been better but the parsley worked.

Click Here For The Sriracha Deviled Eggs Recipe

The Holidays Are Here!

Over the weekend, I officially started listening to my favorite Christmas Album.

The ONE, The ONLY…N’Sync-“Home For Christmas”

Even my least favorite song on the album, “I Never Knew The Meaning Of Christmas”, brings a smile to my face.

The Perfect Host Gift

I’m sure you are going to attend plenty of holiday dinners and parties and if you’re like me, you like to come with a little something. I’ve brought everything from a poinsettia to a coffee table book. Sunday Mimi introduced me to the perfect Host Gift over some mimosas… Segura Viudas Brut. It’s bubbly, it’s delicious, and it comes in an AWESOME Bottle! Wine.com has it for $25.99 but Mimi was able to find it at a liquor store in Maryland for $17.99.

Christmas Wish List

After further review of my forehead, I’ve decided, All I Want For Christmas is…BOTOX! I have been Botox free for a few months and while I thought I was coming to the place of acceptance of my extremely wrinkly forehead, I realized on Sunday…in the car…while taking snapchat photos/videos…I am not and will never accept this fate as long as Botox is ready and available. With that being said, I am scheduling an appointment immediately.


Moving In– Well this weekend we got almost everything in my new place. Jim’s old Bachelor Pad/Man Cave is starting to look like a home! I’ll post more pics as the boxes thin out.

Weight Loss– (surprise surprise!) I went on another diet….well lifestyle change one week ago today. While I was in Charleston last weekend, I went to a Physician’s Plan. It’s a program I know works for me (as I have been on it before) and my lifestyle. Obviously sacrifices have been made, calories have been counted, and pre packaged meals have been consumed, BUT I’m proud to report that in a week (and I ate like a normal person on Thanksgiving), I lost 3.4 lbs!!! Woop Woop!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving & Happy Monday!

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