Happy Half Birthday To Me…and Regular Day Of Birth To A Few Others

TODAY…I celebrate!

28 1/2 years on this Earth and I still haven’t been to jail, gotten pregnant (AMEN!), or made so much of a fool of myself that I have a ridiculous nickname. Not bad, right?

So, like I said before, FOR THAT…I celebrate.

I’m treating myself to a trip to the dentist (trying to make it seem like a positive even though I am in NO WAY looking forward to the appointment), massage and facial, work out (why the work out? That’s not a way to celebrate! Well my friends, my metabolism has slowed down in my old age so it’s necessary…especially after you read the next step in the celebration) , AND ROSA MEXICANA for Chips & Salsa & GUAC! OH I LOVE GUAC!

I’m not the only person celebrating this week! I also have to give a shout out to some of my favs that have had a Birthday in the past few days or one coming up!

My sister Ashley (she’s 21 now!), my Grandpa,  Joe Quinn, Justin Timberlake, Murray Peel, and My Mom!