Here We Go Again…another fitness journey. (seriously this time)

The photo above is the inspiration. I MEAN LOOK AT THAT CLAVICLE. That photo popped up in my Facebook memories a week ago (circa 2010). That is where I want to be. That was also a good 40 lbs ago. I’d be OK with my wedding weight a good 20-25 lbs ago. So here we go again…

This time: Astronaut Training.

That’s what I’m calling it because I’m pretty sure the intensity is close to the level that those who want to go into outer space experience.  It’s my new fitness/health and wellness “journey”.

I feel like every other month I’m trying something new but after sitting down with Dr. Bauerschmidt at Healing at Sweetgrass (part of the Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery Family), I was ready to take a new path.

I thought for sure I was going in and would walk out with weight loss pills, supplements, protein bars, & pre-made dinners. Honestly, it’s what I was hoping for. I didn’t want a “lifestyle change” I wanted a QUICK FIX. I’ve done those programs before, lost the weight, then gained it back (not immediately but over time).

That is NOT what Dr. B is about. I would try to explain the DEEPER Healing Method but it’s so much easier to copy and paste the description from the Sweetgrass website.

Working with thousands of patients over the years, Dr. Bauerschmidt saw that there’s usually not one reason, but a combination of things that stress your body, drain your energy and set the stage for illness. These are:
Diet – What you eat, how you digest your foods and absorb their nutrients
Emotions – How much emotional stress is in your life and how you process it
Environmental Toxicants – Your current and past exposure to heavy metals and toxic chemicals
Physical Factors – Your hormone, exercise and activity levels; physical changes in your body that might have already started. Clogged arteries are an example.
Elimination – Cleansing protocols help your body eliminate accumulated toxins
Regeneration – Giving your body the nutrients and oxygen it needs to rebuild, restore cellular metabolism and function at its best
The DEEPER Healing® process allows Dr. Bauerschmidt to assess & treat your health challenges in the right priority, for your unique needs.

Everything from your vinyl shower curtains to plastic water bottles are introducing toxins into your body which is part of the reason you aren’t able to lose the weight. Something about cells and valves and doctor speak.

While I am not going to be able to do everything to live my best life, I am making changes. I have switched to dryer balls vs sheets (they are bad for you too), I’m trying not to drink from plastic water bottles, I’m eating better…not perfect but I am changing 60-70% of my diet and trying to keep my stress down.

I’m going to Healing at Sweetgrass 2-3 times a week to do the Live O2 oxygen therapy, Juvent, Saunas, & an IV (about 2 and a half hours each day).

Week 2 is over. I feel so much better. I’m sleeping better, energized. I’ve only lost a few lbs but over all I feel healthier. Like I told Dr. B (and my mom), I’m going to commit to this to the best of my abilities for the next 6 weeks or so.

If I see a difference (I’m not saying I need to be a size 2 but just see progress), I will continue on the path. Up the game. Start adding in more working out… taking away more glasses of wine (hahahaha nope.)

But you get the point.

If not, I am going to take my time, energy, money, and emotions to a therapist and start practicing RADICAL SELF LOVE. I will accept the body I am in at the age of 34 and look in the mirror and tell myself how gorgeous I am at this size.

I should probably do a little bit of both.

Dr. B hates that I am putting a time limit on it and that this is a process. I understand where he is coming from, I’m just ready for something. A change. Acceptance. Something. I’ll keep you updated!

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