Hurrication Florence- Thanks Mom & Dad for forcing me out

We were very very lucky that Hurricane Florence didn’t do the damage that was expected for Charleston, SC. I know there were many on the East Coast that were devastated by the storm but we managed to stay just outside of it all.

Our house when we arrived home from the Hurrication.

My husband, Jim, and I originally wanted to stay because like most Charleston Locals (that have been here for years), “it’s gonna be fine”. We’ve been through storms before…stock up on water, spaghettios, candles, board games, pet supplies, and of course booze! We were MORE than prepared.

I’ll tell you what we weren’t prepared for…the wrath of my concerned parents. “Hurricane Central-West Coast” was there unofficial call sign and they checked in every 2 hours issuing their own MANDATORY EVACUATION FOR THE CRONE HOUSEHOLD.

The weather and news channels were wall to wall coverage on Florence and Mickie & Neil (my parents) were watching ALL OF IT.

Meanwhile on Isle of Palms it was one of the most beautiful days on the beach this year. I know I know. Calm before the storm.

After the last freak out call from dear ole Mom and Dad, to appease them, we decided to grab the bags (that were prepacked because we were prepared) and head out of town.

We weren’t going to be able to make it to a Tennessee Game this year until this opportunity. The Smoky Mountains were calling, and we answered.

View from The Park Vista Hotel in Gatlinburg

We hit up the Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg, Tn, ate pancakes (ps pancakes are allllllll the rage in Gatlinburg), rode the Sky Lift, and enjoyed some much needed alone time.

Whenever Jim and I are home we are always surrounded by people. We love our friends and love to be social and sometimes we forget to just take some time for ourselves to reconnect.

After a night in the mountains, it was off to Knoxville.

I only spent a little over a year and a half in the 865 in my early twenties working in radio, but it made a huge impact on my life. It was a coming of age tale for me. First time living alone, first time leaving home (not just my parents house or the city I grew up in, but the state as well), first time taking on a real job…so many memories made around Kingston Pike.

We went to the game and The Vols WON!!! The funniest thing I heard was on the way out of the stadium (we left during the 4th quarter). Tennessee scored and the fireworks went off, immediately the guy walking in front of us said, “That’s the last time we’ll hear that sound all season!!” I couldn’t help but giggle. Sad but probably true.

Sunday it was time to go home.

As sad as I was to leave, it was time to make it back to my favorite place in the world. Charleston remained as it was before we left, minus a few bottles from the Liquor Store from people stocking up (just in case).

My favorite meme on Facebook said something along the lines of, “I’m glad everyone checked in safe in Charleston…I was afraid yall had died of alcohol poisoning.”

While it was a forced vacation, I’m so glad my parents made me feel so guilty for staying during a possible disaster that I left, and enjoy time away with my husband.

ALSO SHOUTOUT TO BEBOP, our dog, who was the real MVP! He was so good throughout the entire trip. From hotels to the ride to playing with our friend’s dog, he was the best copilot ever!


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