I Do Care…The Follow Up To I Found The Dress.

My fiance brought something to my attention that I feel like I need to address. He told me  I have been a little “aggressive” when it came to my  blogs about our wedding. That it sounds like I don’t care. At one point he said, I “lost sight of the big picture”. After going back and rereading them, I can see what he means.


So in case you read my blogs and felt the same way, let me explain…

I do care.  I care more about this than I have cared about anything. I care about spending the rest of my life with the man I love more than anything.

I do care about having our families and friends with us to celebrate our love and commitment to each other.

I do care about seeing my Groom for the first time when I walk down the aisle.

I do care about having my dad walk me down…and the AWESOME Father/Daughter dance (that we still have to come up with).

I do care about my mom getting so excited about planning.

I do care about being able to carry my mom’s flowers down the aisle for my wedding. I do care that my Aunt Debbie made those flowers.

I do care that I will finally get to meet all of Jim’s best buds

I do care that My Family and Jim’s Family will finally meet.

I do care about Gingham Table Cloths and Burlap Chair Decorations.

I do care about having Orange and White as our Colors because Jim is a Tennessee Grad and I am a Vols fan!

I do care that all of my bridesmaids feel comfortable in their dresses (as I have been a bridesmaid and didn’t love mine because I don’t like my arms so the cut of the dress made me self conscious.)

I do care that my dad and his brothers get to do their special Nommensen Wedding Tradition (one that Jim does not know yet but will find out on Labor Day Weekend).

I do care about having AWESOME pictures.

I do care about everyone having a great time.


I still don’t care about Save the Dates or seating arrangements. If it’s what you want for your wedding, I’m all for it. We don’t have an unlimited budget so I don’t care to spend money on things I don’t care about…BUT I DO CARE. I want people to know you can still have a fabulous wedding if you don’t have all the things that you THINK we are supposed to have.  I want people to know that you are not alone if you tried on a dress and didn’t feel pretty because you want to lose weight before the wedding…or your roots are terrible…or your make up wasn’t right that day (yep that was me). I know the dress will look gorgeous the day of…but today…let’s just say we aren’t there yet.


To his comment that I “lost sight of the big picture”, I responded, “The big picture is us sitting on the porch at 80 years old drinking coffee”


The thing I care about the most is our marriage. NOT our wedding. The wedding will be amazing. The wedding will be fun. The wedding will be incredibly special. BUT THE MARRIAGE…the marriage…THAT is what I care about. I want to look at Jim in 30 something years the same way my mom and dad look at each other.

And let’s be honest here…if I cared more about the napkin rings than the days after the August 31, 2014, then we should be worried.

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • katherine

    I love this and for the people who truely know you….they KNOW you care!

  • Christy

    Still awesome!

  • Rebecca S

    I love this because I was the same way! There are SO many things that people spend money on that are absolutely unnecessary. I spent more than I wanted to on my wedding, mostly on the venue and its required minimums, but I know I could have spent a TON more. Good for you and sticking to your guns!!

  • Brooke Ryan

    Thank you @disqus_9DdzPedmSv:disqus @christy and @katherine! I really appreciate it. I didn’t realize how hard it was to be a bride and plan a wedding until now.

  • Rebecca S

    It was literally the most overwhelming thing I have ever done in my life. And I also did it long distance. But just breathe and remember that the day is YOURS (well, and Jim’s), nobody else’s. Do it the way you want to do it. Of course if, for example, mother in law wants favors and they’re not in your budget, but she offers to pay for them, let her knock herself out with favors 🙂

    Also, if you haven’t made the call on bridesmaid dresses yet, Alfred Angelo has awesome selections at reasonable prices. I told my ladies the color I wanted and that I wanted knee length, then had them pick their own. The maid of honor picked one style, and the other 5 (I know…. damn big families) ended up splitting between 2 styles. They were all in something that looked good on them and made them feel comfortable.