I Had A Dream…

I VERY rarely remember my dreams but for whatever reason, while taking my 2 hour nap today, I had one that I remembered…and it was AWESOMELY weird!

In this one I was on one of my 30 dates in 30 Days (hooray it’s almost over) at a National’s Game and our tickets were horrible…all the way off to the side and in the back but for whatever reason that is where a side stage was set up. It was a day game and my date insisted on buying me a Souvanier SWEATshirt…ok. We sat down and right as we were sitting I hear someone singing 4 Minutes by Madonna…look down at the side stage which is just feet in front of me AND IT IS MADONNA! She gets off the stage and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 gets on stage and starts to sing. He’s staring me straight in the eyes and singing to me and he falls off the stage. The people guarding the stage pick him up, he’s a little disoriented but shakes it off. His lip is a little swollen and he looks at the guy that picked him up tells him he’s ok and starts walking towards me…sits on the bench and kisses me (with his busted lip but I didn’t care it was Adam Levine). I ask if he’s ok and he even uses the cheesy “I’m better now that I’m sitting with you” line…and then I wake up.


Dreams are so amazing but so weird!


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