I Love This Buzz (4)

During this rendition of I Love This Buzz we managed to figure out the BEST SuperPower-Longevity (but without looking old and having to get botox), One of the Guest Co Hosts hooked up with a celebrity and tells some of the dirty details, I went on a Hashtag Rant, AND a new feature-Sobering Advice From Drunk People!


Dave Goody and Andrew

Alot of men are growing out facial hair for Movember (way to grow a beard or stache for charity fellas!) But Dave Goody is a man you will see with a mustache all year long! Why? Because he’s awesome.

Name Dave’s Mustache and you win a District 2 Gift Card! Comment down below to submit a name. We’ll pick a winner next Monday!

And for the record, THE SHOW WAS TOOL ACADEMY! (It will all make sense once you make it  8 min in)

That would be Shawn

After the Podcast we OWNED Karaoke

Thank you to my Cohosts- Dave, Marcia, IdaMarie, Nick,  Rachel, and Mimi!

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