I Love this Buzz @ Elements Social Bar

On a random Thursday night in February an author, some kiwis, a bartender/former teacher, a matchmaker, a hairstylist, and a radio personality sat down at a bar. The drinks kept coming and so did the stories. We get to know the co-hosts, hear their love stories, and why they love this city. Meet Lorna Hollifield, Nick & Jhovaan, Joe, Buffie, & Austin.

I Love This Buzz elements

It is February and love is in the air PLUS all of the co-hosts on this podcast are married. So how did they meet their love? Listen to find out.

The co-hosts share their favorite stories to tell. From dancing around in her underwear in a country music video to mushrooms to my favorite story of the night…which was really more of a statement from Austin “It’s been very eye opening to know that…people think I look that good”


Charleston is the best city in the world! But what makes it so special? We all share the reason we love this City AND Joe answers honestly a question I think a lot of bar patrons wonder…”Are you genuinely interested in everyone’s story that sits at the bar?”

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