If I Go To Jail, I Wanna Be Just Like LiLo

While jail is not necessarily where I want to pass the time, IF I ever have to go there, I’d like it to go down the way it did for Lindsay Lohan.

First was nice to know that someone else runs on Brooke Time. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was 20 minutes late to my court appearance also.

Second, while walking into the courtroom, I want to be showered with glitter. DID YOU SEE THAT? She’s walking into court and someone thinks, “You know what LiLo? You’d probably have more success if you sparkle for the judge.” Then they proceed to shower her with glitter.

Third, I want ducklips in my mug shot too!

**I would, however, prefer to be arrested by the officer in Monopoly…with the whistle and the hat.

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