I’ll Make Love To You

This Saturday, October 2, 2010, one of my life long dreams to see BOYZ II MEN in concert is coming true! They are performing at the Family Circle Cup Stadium and guess who has tickets??? THIS GIRL!

I know EVERYONE with a radio from 1991-1997 was a fan of Boyz II Men. Motownphilly, On Bended Knee, Song For Mama, ALL amazing songs…but the song that changed my life was “I’ll Make Love To You”.

Cue the harp/flashback music

You might be doing the math and thinking, BROOKE! You were 12 years old. You were a CHILD! That song is inappropriate for tweens.

To that I would say…You are right, but it’s how the story goes.

The grade: 6th.

The location: Bakersfield Convention Center.

It was the D.A.R.E. Dance, a time when all of the 6th graders from Elementary Schools across Bakersfield were invited to get together in a drug free environment and dance. For the majority of the night the girls danced in circles, boys stood in corners, and the bad kids talked about smoking in the bathroom. They were too cool for D.A.R.E.

Then it happened…the first few bars of “I’ll Make Love To You”.

Now mind you, a few slow songs had played earlier in the night and a few couples made their way to the dance floor. That was the time I would go get a  soda, go to the bathroom, make an exit. I had never slow danced with a boy before.

But I digress, Boyz II Men blares through the speakers and Ryan Carr asks me to dance. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE! I had the biggest crush on him…

Ryan: Wanna dance?

Me:  I don’t know how to..

Ryan: Just put your arms around my neck and sway back and forth

Me: (In a high pitch voice) Ok…

It was the happiest 3 minutes of my life. The next day I made my mom drive me to the Sam Goody and buy II. I just got a CD player and that was my first CD. Well technically it was my second. My parents gave me their Art Laboe Greatest Hits Disc they won in a raffle or something.

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    Omg!! I totally remember this!!! Lol