I Love Baseball…Today

Jim & I At the National’s Game 

My fiance is obsessed with baseball. It’s his favorite sport. The game, the players, the stats, he loves it all. Tickets are bought and we’re going to Sunday’s Nats/Braves Game…BULLPEN HERE I COME!

I’ve always enjoyed baseball too but my appreciation for baseball is a little different. I love going out to the Ballpark for a game, Hot dogs, Hot boys, Cold Beer…what is not to love?

Eating A Pickle Dog at Riverdogs Stadium in Charleston, SC.

BUT TODAY! Oh today…baseball went from a sport to a dramatic, shade throwing, Bravo like show.


Met’s Player, Daniel Murphy, skipped the first two opening games to be there for the birth of his child. The MLB approved and supported Murphy’s decision to take the time off (as they are allowed paternity leave) however a radio host, Mike Francesca, didn’t. On his show, he said “Go see the baby be born and come back. You’re a Major League Baseball player. You can hire a nurse to take care of the baby if your wife needs help.”

Radio Host Calls Out Daniel Murphy For Skipping Opening Games for Birth of Child

Francesca isn’t the only person that feels this way. Others have jumped in stating Murphy should’ve been at the game and that players need to plan major life events around the schedule…ummmm…this is a baby, not a vacation.


Andy, Can you please get all of the parties involved and host a 2 part special “Babies or Baseball” similar to a  Real Housewives Reunion???

The radio host and other shade throwers are making it about the game, making it about the commitment to the team, making it about the fact that they missed their children’s birth because of their dedication to the fans and the team…*LIGHTBULB*

It’s not about the game. It’s about their wives. Wives/Women that have already given birth and wives/women that will give birth to the children of Baseball Players during Baseball Season. From now on, those women will expect their husbands to be present for the birth. And when said husband/baseball player uses the team as an excuse, she will be able to say, “BUT DANIEL MURPHY MISSED THE GAMES! He didn’t just miss a game. HE MISSED 2 OPENING GAMES! That is a real man. A REAL MAN….” and so on and so forth. And the Baby Daddies of women that already had the babies….*shaking my head and making a shame on you/I feel sorry for you “mmmmm” sound* Here comes the “you told me you DIDN’T HAAAAAVEEEEE Paternity Leave. Oh the rules are different for Daniel Murphy????”

ANDY! Can we please get camera’s in the households of all baseball players and their wives immediately???? I want to see how this all plays out!

In conclusion, yesterday, I liked baseball-the sport. Today I LOOOOOOVE Baseball-The Reality Show!

Riverdogs Pitch

Throwing Out the First Pitch at The Riverdogs Game

George and I totally in Love outside of Nat’s Stadium




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