Is It Time To Give Them A Break? Michael Vick & Chris Brown

After a successful run with the Eagles, Michael Vick is (once again) being looked at in a positive light . His Dog Fighting image is starting to fade. People are starting to look at him as a Quarterback (again) not an animal abuser. He’s done great things for the Eagles this season and is getting his FIRST National Endorsement since the controversy and jail time. The President of the United States, Barak Obama, even reached out to him after his performance during the November 17th game.

Chris Brown has reached out to a judge asking for an adjustment or removal of his restraining order from Rihanna  because he is up for 3 Grammy’s this year and knows she will attend. If the restraining order isn’t changed, he won’t be there to (possibly) accept the awards. He’s served his time, completed Judge appointed classes, did community service…Not to mention, performed a Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards, released hit singles, & is gearing up for the release of his new album F.A.M.E. in March.

As 2011 begins, and their images begin to change…is it ok to start embracing them as our favorite entertainers again? Is it “Forever Too Soon” or can we look at what they did as something that (since they have “changed”) is forgivable but not forgettable? They suffered the consequences of their actions through the legal system so how long do we as a society punish someone for a crime they committed?

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