It’s Not You…It’s The Coat

The conversation started with pizza.

Marco (the other awesome voice you hear with me in the afternoon on All The Hits 107-3) mentioned he was craving pizza…and so the conversation began.

Me- “You should get some.”

Marco- “yea…but it’s not good for you.”

Me- “but it’s delicious.”

Marco- “way to state the obvious…”

Me- “If you want it you should get it, just so you know this is also coming from the girl that posted a video of the fact that my coat didn’t fit this morning when I tried it on! HA!”

Marco- “Oh you didn’t know? It’s not you…it’s the coat. Coats shrink 3 sizes during the summer. YOU have actually gotten skinnier. It’s like when you put your pants in the dryer and they are a little smaller when they come out. The heat…and well you know. It’s been scientifically proven. I was even thinking you SHOULD go eat a pizza today because you are so thin.”

Pretty sure he wins Co-worker of the Week!

And now I will go get a pizza after work.

And stay tuned…I’ll post a picture of the coat sometime this weekend.

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