It’s Time For Brooke Bill Quest To Come To An End

BONUS- IF YOU KNOW BILL & CAN GET HIM TO COME OUT TO MEET ME TONIGHT, 95SX 2 Girls and a Guy will hook you up with DAUGHTRY/LIFEHOUSE & BARENAKED LADIES concert tickets PLUS a 95SX Prize Pack (cds, tshirt, etc)

Dear Bill Murray,

My love for you dates back to the 80’s but the Never Ending Quest to meet you began April 18, 2010. It was a beautiful Sunday morning that I awoke to Ghostbusters on TV. I knew I was missing something in my life and watching that movie that fateful morning made me realize it was you.

*Now look, I realize how crazy this makes me sound, but fear not. I don’t want you to run away with me into the sunset or build me a house with a room to paint in (unless you want to, then I’d be all about it). I just want to meet you, say hello, possibly have a drink with you (I’ll buy).

While I realize it began as a NEVER ENDING Quest, this cat and mouse game has taken a toll on me and I feel like it’s time to let it go. They say, “If you love them, let them go.” So in a last attempt to make my dreams come true, I’m going to throw out the first pitch at the Riverdogs Game tonight (June 3, 2010). Meet me on the mound and maybe for a pickle dog and a beer after?

I understand if you cant make it. You’re still my favorite…



PS Thanks to everyone that photo-shopped pictures of how it might be if we met and posted them on Facebook. Thank you to those of you that let me in on where he might be hanging out. Thank you to all that supported Brooke Bill Quest.

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