January Holidays!

We all know there is New Years and Martin Luther King Jr. Day…but there are some pretty fabulous holidays that don’t get enough credit during January. This morning I came across some of these little gems while on one of my favorite websites, Buzzfeed , and wanted to share!

January 8- Bubble Bath Day! Pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and turn on some Matt Nathanson!

January 14- Dress Your Pet Day! I’ve been known to throw a bow tie or reindeer ears or a Santa hat and beard, so you know I will be posting pics that day!

January 19- Popcorn Day! Butter, Cheese, Caramel…Pick your flavor!

January 21- Hug Day! This might be my favorite unconventional holiday of them all! Hug your family, hug your friends, hug a stranger! FREE HUGS FOR EVERYONE!

Oh and BONUS! It’s not a holiday- Justin Timberlake’s Birthday is January 31!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things