Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ Birthday

Ok so it’s not TECHNICALLY a “National Holiday” but in my eyes it’s as worthy of a celebration as St. Patrick’s Day…and since I’m not Jewish I thought celebrating Rosh Hashanah might be considered disrespectful. So RESPECTFULLY I celebrate all things JTT!  Bieber Fever…HA! THE JTT BUG was way more intense than Bieber Fans could ever imagine. Home Improvement, Man of the House, The Lion King, Tom and Huck, countless covers of Big Bopper and Tiger Beat…his posters were my wall paper and his cruise is the reason I have a sad story to tell on Oprah.

The Oprah Story- GRAB A TISSUE. Sure…I had an amazing childhood: yearly vacations, every Barbie doll imaginable, a car when I turned 15 and a half (so I could practice), and  emotional support from a loving mother and father who have been happily married since ….well years before I was born. It seems picture perfect right? It was…UNTIL that day in 5th grade when I received a FAN CLUB letter from JTT himself. He was getting ready to embark on a Celebrity Cruise where fans could join for the LOW LOW PRICE of $1000 (per person). It was all I wanted. I was willing to give up my birthday party/presents, Christmas, I was even willing to sell my brother. My parents denied my ultimate happiness. If I would’ve gone on this cruise I could’ve met JTT and ultimately fallen in love, change my name to Brooke Thomas, and be playing the role of Good Housewife baking a cake to celebrate his 29th birthday (today). THANKS A LOT MOM AND DAD!

Instead I’ll celebrate by singing him happy birthday, eating a piece of cake, and watching this montage of pics to the sounds of Paula Abdul “Rush”.


Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • momma

    Ok, if thats your oprah story, We did good. I love you baby.

  • Grandma

    Well my dear, you certainly did lead a good life and if that is the only disappointment you have, believe me you are one LUCKY girl. Enjoy the music and cake. Grandma

  • Dr_wingbat

    Shame on your mom and dad for not letting you go. When I see your mom next tuesday I will be sure to scold her for that, lol.

  • Carrimel

    Man..It would’ve sucked to find out he was gay after you two were married. That would’ve been rough. Guess your parents kept you from pain and suffering, too….. ; )