My New Glam Fix- Lashes

I’m always looking for a way to look more and more like a Drag Queen. From big hair, to extensions, to glitter, to make up upon make up upon make up, I just want to find a way to look  glamorous (and yes I associate Glamorous with Drag Queens).

I love lashes.  I used to have Lash Extensions, and THEY were GLAM, but they were also a little expensive (totally worth it, but as I’m trying to really work on my budget certain things had to be cut).

Here’s a Video of my Lash Extension Application at Paloosh Salon a few years ago

Also please noticed my super plump lips thanks to injections…God I miss those!

Anyway, I found a way to achieve lash success on my own…CVS!

I started using fake lashes! I know…it’s not rocket science, but I never thought I could do it. After a few weeks of trial and error, I have successfully figured out how to put on strip lashes.

The key…

*Cutting the lashes to fit your eyes

*Revlon Lash Glue

lash glue

* AND applying, letting them sit for a second (even if they aren’t in the exact position you want them), and then adjusting them after it’s 1/2 way dry (sticky). At that point use the back end of tweezers (or the back end of a small make up brush) and push them down to your lid.

* Let them sit for 5 min….and VIOLA! You’ve got Lashes!

My favorite lashes were the $12 pair I got at Sephora…BUT those are only for special occasions. I also really enjoy the Ardell Double Up Lashes Style 206. They run about $5. I also tried the E.L.F. brand (only $1) and didn’t LOVE them, but didn’t hate them. They will work if you are waiting for your paycheck on Friday and you need lashes on a Wednesday.

Double Up Lash


For all my future Drag Queens and Glamour Girls…hope my lash experience helped!

Brooke Lashes


Me this morning with no make up on…just lashes (and Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips for Chapstick…yep I love it too).

If you have any lash tips (best brand, best glue, better way to apply), please share!


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