Lessons Learned In Charleston


It was another fun filled weekend full of booze, sunglass straws, flamingos, dunk tanks, and even a little league game with my favorite little man Keegan…

Like every trip to Charleston, I learn a few new things. I’m not saying they are lessons you should pass on to your children *as most of these lessons are usually learned under the influence* but they are lessons none the less.

* Vine is the Greatest App Ever Created*

Sometimes it ends up with a Plastic Flamingo Drinking Vodka and then Making Out With Me…and that makes it even more awesome! If you are on Vine, Find me! @ItsBrookeRyan

*Fake Eyelashes Always Make You Prettier*

I’m no longer doing Hair Extensions (it’s so painful! Not the extensions but the fact that I am trying to go natural and grow out my hair). I needed something fake on me…and lash extensions were the less expensive option. Extreme Lashes are by far the best and if you are in Charleston,SC, you should definitely go to Jill at Paloosh Salon! She is the best.

*Will Lambert will IN FACT pass out ANYWHERE*

Will is known to pass out in bars, cars, in a house, with a mouse…he’s a lot like a Dr. Seuss book. This time, he managed to pass out in Alysa’s chair (no big deal) but KNOCK IT OVER COMPLETELY while moving in the middle of the night (I was sleeping on the couch so I witnessed it all) and didn’t miss a beat…and by beat I mean snore. He continued to sleep there…in that position.

*Even Cookie Monster Likes Booze*

If you are looking for Drunk Cookie Monster, you can find him at King Street Grille in Mt. Pleasant…although in my drunken stupor I advised him to go home…he was drunk.

*Hurricane Brooke Is Real…And Does Some Damage*

And that all happened on a Monday Night.

I categorize my nights/weekends/weeks in Hurricane terms. Cat 1 is a pretty steady week for me. Multiple happy hours, maybe a few bad decisions, at least one or two text messages I wish I wouldn’t have sent, etc. Cat 5 consists of things that could and probably should land you in jail, get you pregnant, make you want to move to a different state, etc. I’ve passed my Hurricane System onto a few of my friends and helped them find their best hurricane. I’m best at a Cat 3 borderline 4.

The ultimate lesson- Don’t go with me to Charleston…or Do! It’s pretty f***ing FABULOUS!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Jessica Townsley

    Dear Brooke,

    My friend and I were reflecting on the best two girls and a guy that Charleston ever had (obviously you were a part of it). We stumbled upon this hurricane status and am excited to inform you we are adopting this system from now on….we will be celebrating three birthdays this month in Charleston! We miss you bunches and hope your career is going well.


    10 Year Charlestonians