Let Me Buy You A Drink…

This morning on 2 Girls and a Guy we were talking about a friend of mine whose date’s card was declined at a restaurant on a first date. David called into the show to say that my friend should give the guy another chance. He then went on to bash me saying accepting advice from me about relationships was ridiculous considering I “can’t keep a man”.

WAIT WHAT!?!??!!?

First Soap Box Moment-

WHY IS IT THAT SINGLE WOMEN ARE CONSIDERED UNABLE TO KEEP A MAN? I choose not to be in a “waste of time” relationship just to say I have a boyfriend. I’d rather be with someone that I want to be with than just settle for someone so I can change my Facebook status to “In A Relationship”.

After I took a moment, I came back with a smart ass comment (per usual). “David. Did I break your heart?” Sure enough he says, “I did buy you a drink one time…which you’re really good at”. The bitterness was oozing from his voice.


He was OFFENDED that I accepted a drink that he offered to buy me. I’m the evil Man Eater because I took it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? If you offer to buy me a drink, why shouldn’t I accept? I didn’t come over to you and ask you to buy me a drink. I can buy my own drink…and if I don’t have the $7 to buy my vodka soda or glass of wine, you wont see me out.

Rules of Buying a Drink


* A drink doesn’t mean you get to monopolize my time.

* A drink doesn’t mean you get to go home with me.

* A drink doesn’t mean that I have to in turn buy you a drink.


* You MUST at least say Thank You.

Hope that helps David…Thanks for the drink!

Well let's see, Don't think I could live without Bacon, BritneySpears, Hair Extensions, Hallmark,& Ketchup. OH & wine. So I usually post about those things
  • Marie

    Your 4th paragraph is perfect!!!

  • AGREED 🙂

  • See Brooke, you have exactly the right mind set and did nothing wrong at all. It’s guys who rely on buying drinks that I don’t understand.

    When will I buy a total stranger a drink?
    1.) When I am celebrating and buying a round of shots

    That’s it, and in that case I’m definitely not expecting anything in return because I’m already there celebrating something.

    When will I buy drinks for a girl?
    1.) When I have asked her out to get to know her 1 on 1, in which case it is normally accompanied by me also buying dinner
    2.) When we are dating/in a relationship.

    In the end, if you are a girl who needs me to buy you something in order for you to interact with me or find me interesting…then you aren’t the type of girl I want to be talking to anyway

  • 123ceilingpaint


    * A drink doesn’t mean you get to monopolize my time.

    * A drink doesn’t mean you get to go home with me.

    NOW you tell me… DAMN! I wish you had told me this 20 years ago! It would have savred me a lot of money spent on drinks, a lot of depression, and $3,248 in Viagra!

    * A drink doesn’t mean that I have to in turn buy you a drink.

    It is RARE for a woman to buy a man a drink! Only two people have ever bought me drinks…Barbara McKie and Dee Crosby….and they MEANT it. Most women are too shallow..
    You do not know men!
    Rule for you:
    1. If you turn and look at them you are committed for life. If you accept a drink, it comes with an obligation, unless you are a greedy, hurtful person. Have the guts to decling the drink if you do not want any obligation that comes with accepting a gift. If I walk up to you in a parking lot and offered you a free gift, would you accept it, or think there could be some unseemly circumstances that come with this “free” gift.

    DO NOT ACCEPT A DRINK UNLESS YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN THE PERSON! Would you offer to bake a cake for a man/woman just for the heck of it? Doing so would indicate that you have an interest or felt friendly to the person.

    If my 4 year old offered you his entie box of cookies would you take them? Or, say, “I appreciate the offer, but no thank you”. DO NOT BLAME THE VICTIM!!!!

    Do not send mixed signals!