McCann’s-My New Favorite Irish Pub

Delicious food. Great Service. Accents. Does it get any better?

Welcome to McCann’s Irish Pub on Hwy 17 in Mount Pleasant.

Jim and I have our favorite spots in Mount Pleasant that we like to frequent: The Southern, Red’s, The Southern, Basil, The Southern…but on a random Saturday we decided to do something different. Something chill, not fancy, easy breezy. Those were the requirements.

Jim got on the good ole Yelp to try to find a hidden gem. McCann’s popped up.

J- How about an Irish Pub?

Me- Not mad at it.

J- McCann’s? It’s on 17.

Me- That’s a little far but I’d be willing to go on an adventure

*Sidenote- Being that we live within walking distance from so many great places on Coleman Blvd, it has to be worth it for me to take the journey. McCann’s is only 6 miles from my placeĀ and totally worth it!

The texts were sent to this weeks Super Saturday Crew (Kevin, Mimi, Dave, Mendi, Jhovaan, & Nick).

The minute you walk in the bar it feels like a Cheers. An Irish Cheers. Everyone knows everyone and even if you don’t know anyone, within 20 minutes you will know everyone. The classic Irish music is playing and occasionally the bartenders or patrons will begin to sing along. The Irish Whiskey selection is huge and the food…oh the food. OMG THE FOOD.

We pretty much ordered everything on the menu.


McCann's Irish Pub

Cornbeef Fritters-Let’s just change the name to Heaven In A Bite. If you love Reubens…it’s like that but deep fried. Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, & cheese in a ball.

Scotch Eggs- I LOVE A SCOTCH EGG! This one was perfect, especially the sauce.

Wings- I wish I could comment on these but the boys went all in and all i got to do was lick my finger that I rubbed on the tray to taste the sauce…which was delicious.



I had the Paddy Melt. So rich, so flavorful, so worth it!

Jim had the Fish & Chips….let’s just say he was a member of the clean plate club.

Kevin had the Reuben. Kevin likes to talk (like I do) there was no conversation happening during feeding time.

Shots of Jameson, Guiness Pints, and great conversation. On the uber ride home we couldn’t stop talking about how much we loved the place and couldn’t wait to go back.


McCann’s Irish Pub

2700 N Hwy 17 c120, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466

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