Million Dollar Idea!!!!

Chris Brown tears apart the Good Morning America Green Room.
Charlie Sheen TRASHES The Plaza Hotel in October 2010.

These aren’t the first reports of celebrities completely wrecking hotel rooms (and in Chris’ case Green Rooms). Rock Stars are known for throwing ridiculous parties and having to pay extra for the clean up, damaged property, and damage control.

*Sidenote: While I know this idea might not go over to well with real “rock stars” as it takes the way the fun of being rebellious, I think the average every day person & wannabe rock stars would be interested. With that being said, here is my MILLION DOLLAR IDEA…



• The hotel room will LOOK like a normal hotel room upon arrival.
• Booze Included (BUT leave a mini bar price sheet to make it look like they are paying a ton for it)
• Strip Club Flyers in the night stand drawer.
• Have a piece of wood that looks like a wall as the designated “Smash Wall”. This is the wall you can punch/ slam things against/etc. (Throw it away when done and replace with a new “Smash Wall”)
• Sharpies to mark up the “Smash Wall” or sign autographs

EXTRAS (Yep you can have these if you pay more)

• A “Bodyguard” aka a BIG scary man standing outside your door
• A Guitar to SMASH!
• “Paparazzi” as you enter the hotel/follow you around lounge.
• “Groupies” that ask for your autograph & pictures at the bar/lounge
• Limo Service To Hotel
• Sign in the bar/lounge  saying _________ (whatever name of the “band” your in) is here! One Night Only! Photo costs extra.

Dear Hotels, You’re welcome. I’m only asking for 10% of each room rented out. XOXO, B

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