I May Have Found A Cure For A Case Of The Mondays!

I’ve always looked forward to Monday’s because it means I can get my life back on track (sometimes the weekends tend to get a little out of control for me…ok a lot of the times). Hence the reason I started, “Get Your Life Right Mondays”. A day to catch up on laundry, TV shows that were missed, dishes, ask for forgiveness for my sins of weekends gone by, etc.

This week I woke up ready to take on the world! I had an AWESOME WEEKEND!

Friday night a friend (former DC resident) came in town from Virginia Beach and we hit up the neighborhood bar. Just like old times. He suggested we go to Madam’s Organ. He’s suggested this place MULTIPLE times and I never wanted to go. WELL I WAS AN IDIOT! He bribed me with an Uber ride and free drinks. I took the bribe, AND IT WAS AWESOME! I’m obsessed with this eclectic dive jazz bar and can’t wait to go back.

Saturday was full of Beer and Friends getting together to support a cause that is very near and dear to my heart, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Bethesda Row was full of Food Trucks, Beer Trucks, Music, and so much more for Oktoberfest…and I did a little shopping at Lou Lou. FINALLY replacing my Ray-Bans that were part of a tragic Sunday Funday Accident. One lens is missing and there is no explanation.  We then watched the Tennessee/Alabama game (which we will not speak of) and ended the night with delivery Thai Food from Paragon Thai. BEST.THAI.FOOD.EVER.

That would be my man doing his best Zoolander impression

It was a Lazy Sunday as opposed to a Sunday Funday- Lunch, picked up my car from Mimi’s house, a haircut for my man, manicure for me, Football…it was delightful!


Wrong. For the first time I experienced a “Case of the Mondays” Nothing too dramatic or life altering…just a lot of little annoyances.

On my way back from Alexandria to Cathedral Heights, I missed the wrong turn and ended up having to go through Downtown DC. Sure it’s beautiful, yes there is tons of people watching, but my 30 min commute turned into a stress filled, horn honking, 55 min journey. No worries though…I brushed it off, got ready for work and headed to Best Buy to pick up a microphone for my recorder for my Podcast (doing some new things I’m really excited about and will have details soon). They didn’t have any mics. No worries…there’s a Radio Shack across the street. There was a disgruntled customer in Radio Shack and only one employee (that obviously didn’t have the authority to do anything about it). After 20 min of the two going back and forth the guy stormed out and the guy asked how he could help me. He went on a mic search…10 min later he comes back to let me know they don’t have what I want. Great. CVS Pharmacy proved to be the same sort of experience- complaints, credit card machines not working, waiting for wayyyyy too long, the only exception is the woman working in the pharmacy was lovely.

I was pretty frustrated with the day but trying to keep it positive when a woman came up to me while I was waiting for my No Baby Pills and asked me for $2 for her co-pay. She said she just got out of the hospital and didn’t have any money with her. At first I said, “Sorry Ma’am, I don’t have any cash on me” (which is usually the case). She said, “no worries. Thank you very much.” I wanted to help her. Partly because she needed it. Partly because I needed some good energy in my life. So I checked my wallet and sure enough there was a $5 bill in there. I forgot I had gotten money out to tip for my manicure the day before. I handed her the $5…and she got up from the chair (she was waiting to talk to the cashier, I’m assuming about letting her have $2 or waiving the copay), thanked me, and went over to the Prescription Drop Off Weekend. She was so appreciative and I felt really  good. The machine started working again, my prescription was finally ready, and I made it to work.

In Conclusion- I think I’ve got the prescription for a Case of the Mondays. Do something good for someone else. They will feel good. You will feel good. And that feeling of annoyance and inconvenience that sometimes takes over on a Monday, will go away.

Be Good To Each Other =)

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