Murray Christmas From A Crazy Cat Lady

I had the BEST realization over the weekend while I was staring at my Christmas Stockings. I am a proud CRAZY CAT LADY (judge away) and completely obsessed with Bill Murray (I like to think of it as a healthy obsession…others may disagree). In true Crazy Cat Lady fashion, I bought my cat Max a stocking. They aren’t hung by the chimney with care, because I don’t have a chimney, BUT they are hung from my TV stand. I got us matching Stockings with our Initials on them. *Cue the head tilt “aweeeee”*

While I was lying in bed watching a Bill Murray movie (should’ve been Scrooged considering the time of the year, but it was Zombieland), I looked down and realized…MY INITIALS and MAX’S INITIALS ARE BM! So my stockings look like they are monogrammed for good ole Bill! A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Murray Christmas Everyone!

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